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About Sassy Moonchild Crystals

Crystals have been used for MANY thousands of years for holistic healing purposes. Crystals are MINERALS, and using them can help with a plethora of issues. Whether you are looking to heal emotional traumas, attract more love or abundance, or just want to protect yourself from negative energy, there is a crystal for you.

Crystals are more than just pretty gems- they can help with physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing. My goal with this shop is to help people find the best crystals to help them on their healing journey.

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Jewelry with Purpose

Crystals are not only gorgeous- they have many healing properties. I love the concept of jewelry with purpose. You can wear pretty stones and get health benefits along with them!


I choose every piece in this shop from ethical sources only, and I choose items that I feel would benefit people best.

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What We Offer

Pick The BEST Crystal

Picking a crystal by sight and intuition is one of the BEST ways to find your best match. This is why I made this page to help you do just that!

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Crystal of the Month: Lepidolite- The Self Growth Stone

Lepidolite is best known for helping with anxiety, panic, and similar issues because it is contains lithium (a mineral that is often used in prescription form for anxiety). Wearing lepidolite can help with these same issues (but as always, be aware that this doesn’t replace medical care). If you’re looking for a bit of peace that will also support you in your self growth journey, lepidolite is for you.