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The Stone of Passion

Carnelian: A Fiery Stone to Ignite your Passions

Carnelian is one of the BEST stones you can use to ignite your inner fire. Since carnelian works best on the lower 3 chakras, it can help with improving overall energy and vitality, stimulating your libido, and helping you with increasing creativity.

This bright orange stone is basically good for anything that you need more energy with: working, thinking, exercise, libido, creativity, appetite, etc. Carnelian can also help with a sluggish digestive system as well as with weight loss.

Carnelian Meaning and Properties

Carnelian is associated with our lower 3 chakras: root, sacral, and solar plexus. This is a great stone for stimulating action in all things- creativity, new ideas, passion, and so much more. Carnelian is a bright stone that can uplift you with just looking at it! Since carnelian is best for the lower 3 chakras, a bracelet can help the most (instead of a pendant) so it is closer to the areas that need work. Or you can also meditate with a carnelian stone or piece over the area that you need the most work on.

Carnelian can help you with:

  • Boosting self-confidence
  • Improving circulation and purifying the blood
  • Stimulating libido
  • Supports the reproductive systems of both males and females
  • Improving energy levels and mood
  • Helping to increase your creativity
  • Finding your passions in life, connects you to your true authentic self
  • Grounding your energy as it is helpful for the root chakra
  • Aiding digestion, especially the small intestine AND it can help with increasing absorption of nutrients
  • Supports the healing of lower back pain, vein issues in the legs, and any other lower body issue

Check our our carnelian options:

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The Stone of Transformation

Malachite- The Stone of Transformation

Malachite is one of the most GORGEOUS stones I’ve ever seen.  It is incredibly unique, and when I read about it’s healing properties I just knew I needed to get some! This green beauty has been used since at least 3000BC in ancient Egypt, so it has quite the history associated with its use.

Malachite Properties:

  • Protection from EMFs, negative energies, and even pollution
  • Can help overcome fears of flying AND helps with jet lag- it’s the perfect companion for travel protection
  • Great for female health issues like cramps, making labor easier (another name for malachite is the Midwife stone!), and can help with healing sexual trauma
  • This stone helps with making any sort of change in your life- hence “stone of transformation”. Whether it’s a new job, new health practice, or even with moving into a new home- it will help you with your transition.
  • It can also help to show you what is blocking your spiritual growth, release old emotions that are stuck, and can help with emotional healing of things like depression, anxiety, emotional abuse, and more.
  • Most green crystals are associated with the heart chakra, so this is the main spot that Malachite focuses on. When our heart chakra is open and healthy, we have love and empathy for ourselves and others, strong boundaries, and great success in all of our relationships.
  • Malachite can also help with the Third Eye and Solar Plexus chakras

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The Third Eye Stone

Lapis Lazuli: Enhance your Intuition

Lapis is a very popular stone, and with good reason!  Lapis Lazuli has been around since at least 4000BC, and was a VERY sought after stone in Egypt, especially with the Pharaohs.  It was often used for jewelry and also ground up into power to use for make-up, dyes, and even medicine!

Lapis Lazuli stones can help with:

  • Bringing more success into your life with business and careers
  • Activating your wisdom and intellect by stimulating the desire for truth, knowledge, and learning, AND it can help with memory improvement as well
  • Can help with stage fright or performance anxiety
  • Blue stones are very helpful for helping the throat chakra and entire area
  • Can help with getting a better night of sleep
  • Well known for helping women with hormonal issues and menstrual cramps
  • Can help with circulation, inflammation, and general pain
  • Said to help with issues in the ear and nasal passages, reduces vertigo, and can lower blood pressure
  • Lapis is known as a crystal of truth- it can reveal your inner truth which helps you to find your own authentic truth and leads you to become more self-aware
  • Lapis can activate the Third Eye as well! So it can aid in enhancing your own intuitive and physic powers.

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The Inner Peace Stone

Sodalite- For Enhancing Your Intuition!

Sodalite is a beautiful deep blue stone that is best known for promoting your own internal voice and intuition.  We ALL have intuition, but we often need help with listening to it in our busy world.  This is where certain crystals can really come in handy.  Sodalite has so many amazing benefits, and it is not really a crystal that I see talked about often, which is why I wanted to be sure to put a spotlight on it.

What sodalite can help you with:

  • Enhancing your intuition!
  • Bringing inner peace
  • Helping you with confidence and self expression
  • Healing your throat and third eye chakras
  • Releasing old, stagnant emotions and energy that no longer serves you
  • Aiding in your awakening process as it can stimulate your pineal gland and third eye- things that get quite gunked up in our world!
  • Managing emotions if you are over emotional, or find it had to express your emotions correctly
  • Enhancing psychic abilities (which we also all have!)
  • Can aid in thyroid healing when worn as a necklace since the thyroid is associated with the throat chakra
  • Calming down anxiety, phobias, or fears, and can even help with enhancing your brain function
  • Supporting a healthy immune system, getting better sleep, and boosting the metabolism
  • Helping to support the adrenal glands when they are over-stressed and sluggish

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The Grounding Stone

Shungite- The BEST EMF Protection

Shungite was one of the first stones I researched, and it was the main reason why I decided to get into crystals in the first place.  I was looking for affordable and effective ways for protecting the body from EMFs as I was getting quite sensitive to my computer while working.  I found a really amazing pendant made with shungite, and it helped SO much.  I learned the history of shungite (which I’ve summarized below) and I was sold- I was already in the mineral world, so crystals seemed like the logical next step.

About Shungite:

  • It’s about 2 billion years old!
  • It can absorb negative energies, and purify your body of negative energy
  • Shungite is the only natural material to have powerful antioxidants called fullernes. Shungite has been researched because of this component and it earned scientists a Nobel Prize! That’s huge!
  • This stone can only be found in one place in Russia, so it’s very rare
  • It’s a very helpful stone for grounding, relieving stress, helping insomnia, and healing the root/base chakra
  • It is one of the best stones for protecting the body from EMFs- and SO much more affordable than most of those trendy items that claim to do the same

Check out our Shungite:

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The Angel Stone

Angelite- The Angel Stone

Angelite has been a personal favorite stone of mine for most of this year.  I tend to pick crystals by instinct, and this one really stood out to me when I first saw it. The soft blue color is just gorgeous, and its energy is very calming.

Angelite got its name because it is a very helpful stone for connecting with your own personal angel guides. It is one of the most popular stones right now since many people are learning more about this connection to angels and the Universe.

Benefits of Angelite:

  • Helps the Throat Chakra by aiding in communicating with others, speaking your truth, and can help you become more assertive
  • Helps the Third Eye and Crown Chakras as well
  • Since it is a very calming and peaceful stone, it helps the wearer to receive downloads from their angels in a calmer way. Angelite can help with deeper meditation and to enhance your own innate intuition
  • Can help to protect your body against negative energies, stress, and anger
  • Can help with support for your thymus, throat, and thyroid
  • Angelite is a stone of tranquility and peace, so it can help you to stay calm and present during times of stress
  • Angelite can help more with the 3 top Chakras (throat, third eye, and crown) when worn as a necklace. As a bracelet or loose stone, it can help more with calming your energy, connecting to your angels, and protecting you against negative energy.

Angelite is one of the main crystals to try to keep as dry as possible. Since it is low on the Mohs Hardness scale, it is pretty soft and can be ruined easily if you get it wet often. Just take extra care with angelite!

Our Angelite Jewelry:

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The Abundance and Confidence Stone

Sunstone: Abundance and Confidence

Sunstone is a GORGEOUS stone that really resonated with me recently.  When I first saw sunstone, I could really sense the warmth coming from this stone! It is said to carry the light and happy energies of the Sun within.  Sunstone helps to give you strength and mental clarity, as well as openness and benevolence to others.

What Sunstone can help you with:

  1. Abundance! Sunstone is a popular stone to help attract abundance in all things, and it can also be a good luck stone
  2. It can increase vitality and energy levels
  3. Sunstone can aid you in your business when it comes to improving confidence, leadership skills, creativity, and more.
  4. If you find that you are often co-dependent, sunstone can help to soothe your stress and fears and help to become more independent.
  5. It can help those that are scared of the dark or even enclosed places
  6. Sunstone can help to increase your metabolism, digestion, and overall vitality!
  7. Sunstone helps the Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras the most, although it can help with clearing all chakras
  8. If you are looking to increase your feelings of self-worth and to remove negative blocks like limiting self beliefs or subconscious energy blocks when it comes to success, then sunstone is your best crystal to choose!

Check out our Sunstone Pieces:

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The Love Stone

Rose Quartz: The Love Stone

Rose quartz was one of the very first crystals that I bought myself.

I’ve always loved the color pink, so that could have been part of what drew me to rose quartz. A few years ago, I had a different practitioner tell me that my heart chakra needed healing and that rose quartz would help. At the time I had NO idea how a rock could help me heal (just being honest here!). But it’s definitely been the other most helpful crystal for me personally, along with the amethyst- they tend to be put together a lot in jewelry and they work pretty well together.

Rose Quart Properties:

  • Known as the love stone!!
  • Increases sense of self-worth
  • Great for healing romantic relationships or attracting new ones
  • Opens the heart for compassion for others
  • Lowers stress levels
  • Great for empaths as it helps to increase empathy for others while also creating better boundaries for oneself
  • Can help with those dealing with grief
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The Empath Stone

Amethyst: The Empath Stone

Amethyst is probably one of the most common crystals out there, and with good reason! It is quite a powerful stone. It is a crystal that I have always personally been drawn to. Once I started learning about crystals earlier this year, it made SO much sense why amethyst was going to be my main first crystal: it is so incredible for empaths!

Amethyst is well-known for aiding in enhancing our natural intuitive abilities, which makes it incredibly popular for those that are starting to learn more about spirituality and how the Universe has our back. It is a very soothing stone too- it is great for those that tend to suffer with anxiety and restlessness. Amethyst is one of the easiest stones to find too because of its popularity.

Amethyst properties:

  • Helps with inner strength
  • Can enhance intuition
  • Can help with calming an anxious mind
  • Very grounding
  • Clears the body of negative energy while attracting positive energy,
  • Helps to break free of old and stuck patterns
  • Can help with sleep
  • Encourages creativity
  • Can stimulate the crown chakra

Check out our Amethyst Crystals

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My Favorite Pages to Follow for Spiritual Growth

The MOST Helpful Pages to Follow for Spiritual Growth

This year has been a HUGE transformational year for me. I have had nothing but test after test because FINALLY the Universe was like, “enough, you need to break out of these stupid habits and mindsets!” While it’s been a trying year, I am SO grateful for it because it has finally helped me get over the misery that was my past.

The BIGGEST helper for me has been the multitude of pages that I follow on social media and some websites that have been constantly making updates on energy shifts. It helped me to learn how to ride the energy shifts and how to use them for my advantage. It also helped me realize that I did still need to work on my emotional traumas that I have been carrying since childhood. While I was saying I was “fine” for many years, I never realized that there is so much more to healing than “mind over matter”. You do have to actually HEAL that pain.

Anyway, I really wanted to put together a post to help others that might be on this same journey as I am. These pages have been BEYOND helpful. Some are astrology related, some are health related, but you can take what you find to be beneficial and go from there. With all of these topics, you have to just go with what resonates with YOU. Use your own innate intuition!

Spiritual Healing Pages and Energy Shift Updates

Alex Myles

Alex posts the BEST graphics for energy shifts. They have so much information on them, and they are probably my favorite helpers overall.

Check her out on the following pages:

Elizabeth Peru

I absolutely LOVE Elizabeth Peru. Her Facebook page is the best place to follow for her updates. She always goes more in-depth on FB versus other platforms. I have been following her page for several years now and any time I would feel “off” I would check her page, and sure enough there was something going on in the world of energy shifts!

Other pages that I love:

  • Healing Energy Tools– they post daily angel message updates.
  • Sparks of Divine Light Healing
  • Leah Whitehorse: Lua Astrology– I LOVE THIS PAGE. I can’t say that enough. Leah posts amazingly insightful daily breakdowns of the current energy and she pairs them with gorgeous paintings that are relevant to the topic.
  • The Ace of Moon– she posts 3 times a day every day with the current energy updates. She includes symptoms that you could be experiencing because of the shifts which is BEYOND helpful.
  • Alyonna Divine Healing– Alyonna’s page is the BEST for lightworkers. I cannot recommend her page enough for uplifting and helpful content.

Manifestation Help

Manifestation Babe on Instagram has the BEST affirmations and helpful posts on how to finally recognize your worth. She is incredibly inspiring, and truly wants to help people discover how powerful they truly are.

Emotional Healing

Beth Bridges FB page is another that I highly recommend. Beth’s main mission is to help with getting women to slow down- stop pushing ourselves, start being our authentic selves, and start taking better care of ourselves!

The Holistic Psychologist on Instagram will give you so many AH-HA moments. She is absolutely beyond incredible when it comes to talking about defense mechanisms from abuse and trauma. She posts SO MUCH about how to do the inner work that people so desperately need right now.

Toko-pa Turner was recently recommend to me, and I am SO glad I started following her page. She posts quite a bit about the mother wound and other topics in psychology.