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The Tiger Stone

Red Tiger Eye

Real Red Tiger Eye is rare, and most is heat-treated tiger eye (so it still has the same properties of regular tiger eye but it looks SO much cooler!). The red hue is VERY deep and gorgeous, and is amazing for supporting the lower 3 chakras: solar plexus, sacral, and root.

Red Tiger Eye Properties:

  • AMAZING for manifestation!
  • Supports a strong mind by keeping you focused and giving you strength
  • Balances and supports all 3 lower chakras
  • Helps with grounding
  • Supports healthy self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Can help with increasing energy, especially for those that lack motivation

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The ULTIMATE Grounding Stone

Hematite- The ULTIMATE Grounding Stone

Hematite is an interesting mineral that has been used for hundreds of thousands of years. Hematite is SO cool that it was even found on Mars!

Hematite Properties:

  • Best for the Root Chakra
  • One of the strongest grounding stones ever
  • Supports a healthy mind and can help with keeping your focus and enhancing your memory
  • Great for use during grounding meditations
  • Can help with dispelling negative energy and protecting from EMFs
  • Excellent for creative people that need to stay focused for long hours on working or hobbies
  • Can help with headaches/migraines (if due to tension)

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Valentine’s Day Sale!

Happy February! We’re finally through what feels like the longest month of the year. Now onto the month of love! Valentine’s Day is not too far away so it’s time for a sale. Who doesn’t want gorgeous jewelry as a gift, especially when that jewelry has multiple purposes (other than just looking pretty!)?

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The Genius Stone

Fluorite- The Genius Stone

Fluorite is one of the most unique crystals because every stone you see looks SO different! Some are blue, some are purple, and most are a mix of the two colors. Fluorite is a gorgeous stone that has a very high vibration (at least in my opinion!). It’s known as the Genius Stone because of its ability to enhance mental capacity.  It is also known as a great stone to make a wish on- the positive energy it will bring to your life will help you to achieve your dreams.

Fluorite benefits:

  • AMAZING for brain health! Fluorite can help with increasing mental clarity, creativity, and it can help to remove brain fog. Once you are thinking more clearly, you are able to focus more on your goals and achieve them easily.
  • Fluorite actually helps all 7 of the physical chakras, but different colors are even stronger for specific chakras (blue fluorite is great for throat chakra, purple for third eye)
  • Helps to clear negative energy from your energy field
  • Works well with rose quartz to increasing heart chakra healing
  • Helps us to live a more carefree, happy life! Make a wish on your fluorite when you set your intention and see your dreams come true!
  • One of the most POWERFUL stones for manifestion
  • Brings inner peace and happiness

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The Stone of Strength

Tiger Eye-The Stone of Strength

Tiger eye is a very well known stone that is very popular for good reason- it’s gorgeous! It’s one of the most unique stones that you’ll ever find. Tiger eye is a very high vibrational stone that helps with our first 3 chakras- which makes it great for grounding.  It is also a very fiery stone that brings us strength and willpower.

Tiger Eye Benefits:

  • Supports mental clarity and can help with increasing intelligence and logic as well as creative energy
  • Supports and stimulates the root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras which makes it one of the best stones for grounding, bringing emotional stability, and overall healing. As our root chakra heals we can start to feel more stable in our home life and attract more financial abundance!
  • Helps to give us energy so we can work more on our desires and dreams
  • Brings us physical and mental energy, and willpower
  • Can help with staying grounded in ones faith
  • Supports hormonal balancing, and can help with the lungs and reproductive organs
  • Works well with Malachite and Quartz, and especially moldavite
  • Great stone for Leo and Capricorn
  • Brings luck and good fortune

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The Peacemaker Stone

Amazonite- The Peacemaker Stone

Amazonite has been used and loved for at least 4000 years! It was a popular stone in ancient India and Egypt, although the name comes from the Amazon River in Brazil. Amazonite is known as the peacemaker stone since it brings such a sense of peace, harmony, and serenity to the user. Since it helps with the heart and throat chakras it is amazing at linking these two chakras and making it easier to communicate in a peaceful way.

Amazonite benefits:

  • Supports the throat and heart chakras
  • Brings peace and harmony
  • Very high vibrational stone- many people can feel its energy just by holding it!
  • Inspires us to go with the flow of life
  • Helps us with difficult conversations with loved ones and can improve relationships due to its ability to create open and honest communication
  • A great stone for manifesting dreams when you are clear with your intentions
  • Works well with smoky quartz and black tourmaline to help with grounding
  • Great for Virgo sun signs

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The Protection Stone

Black Onyx The Protection Stone

Black oynx is one of the main crystals (along with shungite and black tourmaline) that are amazing for overall protection. Black oynx helps with absorbing negative energy and protecting oneself from being drained from negative energies. It is an amazing stone for empaths especially if you are heading into an area with a lot of people around- it can help to give you a protective bubble so you’re not overwhelmed by everyone else’s energy.

Black Oynx Benefits:

  • Protect oneself from negative energy
  • Protection from EMFs and electronics
  • Helps with achieving your goals, stimulates the mind
  • Grounding stone- it can help with calming the mind and bringing stability to our body
  • Increases confidence in oneself
  • Supports you through new beginnings and helps to make risk taking easier
  • Brings positivity and optimism to the wearer
  • Transmutes negative energies into more positive ones
  • Supports your journey in becoming your true authentic self
  • A great stone for Leos
  • Supports the third eye, plexus, and root chakras

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The Stone of Clarity and Clearing

Clear Quartz- The Stone of Clarity and Clearing

Clear quartz is one of the most versatile and widely known crystals. Quartz is also known as the “master healer” because it truly helps the body as a whole. It is said that clear quartz was a favorite of the ancient civilizations that most of us know nothing about- the Lemurians, Alanteans, etc. It has been around for a VERY long time and it has many many benefits.

It is one of the few stones that is self-cleansing- meaning that not only does it not absorb outside energy, it can also help to cleanse other crystals of negative energy. Keep your other crystals on a clear quartz stone for at least 6 hours to help it clear and recharge.

Benefits of Clear Quartz

  • Helps with clearing and balancing ALL chakras- all 7 physical chakras plus our Etheric and Earthstar chakras
  • Helps us to communicate with our guides more effortlessly
  • Supports us as we heal and reach higher levels of consciousness
  • Opens up our third eye chakra during meditation so we can access more of our psychic abilities
  • Brings mental clarity and focus, as well as inner peace
  • Clear quartz is an amazing stone for making your dreams and intentions come to fruition. Since it carries such a high vibration, it can help with manifesting your dreams more quickly and effortlessly when you set your clear intentions. This applies to attracting abundance as well!
  • Can help us to determine what our emotional traumas are so that we can clear them more quickly (especially if you use it over the heart chakra during meditation)

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The LUCK Stone

Aventurine- The Luck Stone

Known as the Stone of Luck, green aventurine really emanates LUCK! It’s like a four leaf clover in crystal form. This stone is known for supporting one through difficult changes and new oppurtunities. It is also a very well known stone of abundance! You can actually use aventurine with lapiz lazuli to really increase your chances of luck and good fortune.

Green Aventurine Benefits:

  • Helps with healing the heart chakra
  • Brings LUCK! Green aventurine is considered to be the luckiest out of all crystals.
  • Helps with manifesting more financial abundance, and can help us to develop a better relationship with money
  • Great for Aries and Leo zodiac signs (but can be used by anyone!)
  • Brings a sense of peace and calmness
  • Supports a happier life- aventurine can help us to enjoy life more and it can spark a fire within us that prompts us to LIVE more
  • Brings confidence, courage, and strength to the wearer
  • Increases our optimism
  • Helps us to take action on our dreams and desires

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