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My Favorite Pages to Follow for Spiritual Growth

The MOST Helpful Pages to Follow for Spiritual Growth

This year has been a HUGE transformational year for me. I have had nothing but test after test because FINALLY the Universe was like, “enough, you need to break out of these stupid habits and mindsets!” While it’s been a trying year, I am SO grateful for it because it has finally helped me get over the misery that was my past.

The BIGGEST helper for me has been the multitude of pages that I follow on social media and some websites that have been constantly making updates on energy shifts. It helped me to learn how to ride the energy shifts and how to use them for my advantage. It also helped me realize that I did still need to work on my emotional traumas that I have been carrying since childhood. While I was saying I was “fine” for many years, I never realized that there is so much more to healing than “mind over matter”. You do have to actually HEAL that pain.

Anyway, I really wanted to put together a post to help others that might be on this same journey as I am. These pages have been BEYOND helpful. Some are astrology related, some are health related, but you can take what you find to be beneficial and go from there. With all of these topics, you have to just go with what resonates with YOU. Use your own innate intuition!

Spiritual Healing Pages and Energy Shift Updates

Alex Myles

Alex posts the BEST graphics for energy shifts. They have so much information on them, and they are probably my favorite helpers overall.

Check her out on the following pages:

Elizabeth Peru

I absolutely LOVE Elizabeth Peru. Her Facebook page is the best place to follow for her updates. She always goes more in-depth on FB versus other platforms. I have been following her page for several years now and any time I would feel “off” I would check her page, and sure enough there was something going on in the world of energy shifts!

Other pages that I love:

  • Healing Energy Tools– they post daily angel message updates.
  • Sparks of Divine Light Healing
  • Leah Whitehorse: Lua Astrology– I LOVE THIS PAGE. I can’t say that enough. Leah posts amazingly insightful daily breakdowns of the current energy and she pairs them with gorgeous paintings that are relevant to the topic.
  • The Ace of Moon– she posts 3 times a day every day with the current energy updates. She includes symptoms that you could be experiencing because of the shifts which is BEYOND helpful.
  • Alyonna Divine Healing– Alyonna’s page is the BEST for lightworkers. I cannot recommend her page enough for uplifting and helpful content.

Manifestation Help

Manifestation Babe on Instagram has the BEST affirmations and helpful posts on how to finally recognize your worth. She is incredibly inspiring, and truly wants to help people discover how powerful they truly are.

Emotional Healing

Beth Bridges FB page is another that I highly recommend. Beth’s main mission is to help with getting women to slow down- stop pushing ourselves, start being our authentic selves, and start taking better care of ourselves!

The Holistic Psychologist on Instagram will give you so many AH-HA moments. She is absolutely beyond incredible when it comes to talking about defense mechanisms from abuse and trauma. She posts SO MUCH about how to do the inner work that people so desperately need right now.

Toko-pa Turner was recently recommend to me, and I am SO glad I started following her page. She posts quite a bit about the mother wound and other topics in psychology.

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12 Signs you are an Empath and How to Protect your Energy

What is an Empath?

A few years ago, I met a client that changed my life! She was the first person to tell me about empaths and what exactly they were. She is also an empath, and (as I know now), it’s so easy to spot them when you’re one yourself!

I was so excited to learn what this meant because it gave me such clarity on why I was the way I was. I’m always been very empathetic, even as a young child. I was obsessed with animals, I could feel the emotions of someone else if I was around them, and I would feel so bad for people (even for seemingly silly reasons- like if I won a game I’d feel so sorry that the other person lost!).

Over the last year or so I have learned even more about being empathic and I have also started to learn more about how to use my own intuition. Empaths tend to have heightened senses, especially with being more intuitive than most other people.

Signs you are an empath:

  1. People ALWAYS come to you to unload their problems, whether they are friends, family, or even strangers
  2. You can feel the emotions of others when you’re speaking to them (even through text or on the phone)
  3. Large crowds make you very nervous (because there is a lot of different energy there- it gets so overwhelming)
  4. You can sense the mood of a room as soon as you walk in
  5. You can tell when someone is lying to you
  6. Sometimes you can sense something is going to happen, or you think of a person and they contact you later that day
  7. The moon and planetary retrogrades influence your energy levels and mood
  8. You have a HUGE bond with animals (and maybe even prefer them to people)
  9. You’ve always had a drive to help others, and you might have ended up in a career like health care or counseling
  10. You’re usually very emotional- mood swings, crying easily, and feeling very deeply are all very big signs of being an empath
  11. It’s hard for you to make boundaries. Since people are so drawn to you, you want to help all of them. This can lead to people using you quite a bit too if you’re not aware of what is going on.
  12. If you’ve deal with physical, emotional, or sexual abuse and trauma before you might become even more hypersensitive to emotions. You might choose to be more of an introvert, find it hard to connect with others, or even struggle in relationships.

Benefits of Being an Empath

Sometimes it can be hard to cope with being an empath, but once you understand what it means, you can learn how to protect your energy. There are MANY benefits to being an empath!

  • Using your intuition becomes second nature and you can start making even better decisions for yourself.
  • You become more in tune with yourself- your intuition, your personality, and your needs/wants.
  • Once you learn how to protect your energy, you will find the drive to truly help even more people.
  • Sensing how others are feeling can help you so much in your personal relationships.
  • Knowing when people are lying or even withholding information is also helpful- you start trusting yourself more so you can be more confident with confronting people.
  • It is easier to attract abundance, positivity, and good things in general.

How to Protect Your Energy as an Empath

This can be a hard one! Until you’re aware that people or situations are robbing you of happiness or giving you bad energy, it’s truly difficult to get out of bad situations. But once you’re aware

  • Use Crystals- amethyst, rose quartz, and rainbow angel aura quart are just a few of the best crystals for empaths. Check out our shop here for the BEST crystals for empaths!
  • Energy Healing like Reiki, acupunture, homeopathy, and other modalities can be SUPER helpful to keep your own energy stable. They can also help to release negative energy that you’ve been accumulating.
  • Sage or use other herbs to cleanse with smoke in your home or workplace as well.
  • Read this book for tons of more information: The Empath Experience
  • Learn your triggers and start to avoid them OR practice ways to make them less trigger. Ask yourself why it triggers you, what feelings you get, and it can help you to determine if you need to avoid or just respond differently.
  • Address stressful situations in your life. Do you hate your job, or is it really high stress? Is there a person that is draining you of your energy? If you’re not happy with your current situation, then change it! Negativity will just constantly drain you.

Read more about being an empath here!

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Why I Love Crystals SO Much!

At the beginning of last year, I felt this crazy pull towards crystals. I really had no idea why because I had no experience using them nor did I really know anyone that used them. But something was pulling me towards them, so I decided to start researching.

I was incredibly skeptical about crystals, despite being pretty in deep with the health world. It honestly just didn’t make sense to me. How could a rock help with anything?! And then I started reading and researching… a lot. Which is what I usually do when I want to learn about something new!

Why Crystals Work

I know that crystals seem so “new age” and many people are put off by that. I guess that is what my problem was at first too! But once I realized that crystals are basically little energy transmitters and literally *everything* is energy, it started to make more sense to me. You really do need an open mind, and I suppose it’s like everything else in life- some people are drawn to certain things, while others aren’t. There is some science behind a few of the main crystals out there too: see below about shungite, and then think about the most common crystal- quartz! What do we know about crystal quartz? It’s used in watches and clocks, and even many other forms of technology.

Each stone has its own energy emission, and this is why we use different crystals for different reasons. Most crystals correlate with a specific chakra too so some do have similar healing properties. Intuition is huge when choosing crystals though! It’s really best to pick on that resonates with you or speaks to you, and not just pick one based on your symptoms or needs. The only ones that could be used like this are the ones for EMF protection since there really are just a few main ones for that.

Some of my Favorite Crystals

The first “crystal” I technically got was this pendant that is supposed to help with blocking EMF. I was starting to really have some issues with EMF and I needed something to help since I work on the computer so much. This pendant is a mix of black tourmaline and shungite. I felt a little bit more drawn to shungite so I started reading more about it. I was blown away at everything I learned just about this ONE crystal!

About Shungite:

  • It’s about 2 billion years old!
  • It can absorb negative energies, and purify your body of negative energy
  • Shungite is the only natural material to have powerful antioxidants called fullernes. Shungite has been researched because of this component and it earned scientists a Nobel Prize! That’s huge!
  • This stone can only be found in one place in Russia, so it’s very rare
  • It’s a very helpful stone for grounding, relieving stress, helping insomnia, and healing the root/base chakra
  • It is one of the best stones for protecting the body from EMFs- and SO much more affordable than most of those trendy items that claim to do the same

I used the pendant for about a week or 2 and actually started feeling so much better when using my electronics. I’m not one for placebo effect either, so this was interesting to me. Then my husband asked for one and that was my huge proof. He REALLY never reacts or finds much of a difference with things significantly, but he started to realize how much calmer he felt when he wore the pendant. One day he wasn’t wearing it and was really grumpy- then he realized he didn’t have it on!

So after this experience, I started to look into more crystals! I got quite a few- because, well… treat yourself, right?! I didn’t know what I should go for, so while I was researching more I found this quiz and decided to take it: The Crystal Test from Energy Muse. You pick a few stones that call to you, and then it pulls up info on each of them and tells you what they are. Amethyst and Rose Quartz were 2 that stuck out to me (and I can’t remember the 3rd!).


I remember that even as a little girl I LOVED stones and crystals. I had a best friend at one point that was the same way, and we used to read about them a lot (for a time anyway!) and once we were able to actually go to a store and pick some out. Amethyst has always been one that I’ve loved, and now I know why.

Amethyst properties:

  • Helps with inner strength
  • Can enhance intuition
  • Can help with calming an anxious mind
  • Very grounding
  • Clears the body of negative energy while attracting postitive energy,
  • Helps to break free of old and stuck patterns
  • Can help with sleep
  • Encourages creativity
  • Can stimulate the crown chakra
Gorgeous Amethyst: This stone is a natural stress reliever, and helps the most with calming a stressed out or anxious mind. It is one of the best stones for empaths!

Rose Quartz

I’ve always loved the color pink, so that could have been part of what drew me to rose quartz. Last year, I had a different practitioner tell me that my heart chakra needed healing and that rose quartz would help. At the time I had NO idea how a rock could help me heal (just being honest here!). But it’s definitely been the other most helpful crystal for me personally, along with the amethyst- they tend to be put together a lot in jewlery and they work pretty well together.

Rose Quart Properties:

  • Known as the love stone!!
  • Increases sense of self-worth
  • Great for healing romantic relationships or attracting new ones
  • Opens the heart for compassion for others
  • Lowers stress levels
  • Great for empaths as it helps to increase empathy for others while also creating better boundaries for oneself
  • Can help with those dealing with grief
Beautiful Rose Quartz: Best for healing the heart chakra, balancing emotions, and can help you with attracting more love in your life.


Sunstone is a GORGEOUS stone that really resonated with me recently.  When I first saw sunstone, I could really sense the warmth coming from this stone! It is said to carry the light and happy energies of the Sun within.  Sunstone helps to give you strength and mental clarity, as well as openness and benevolence to others.

What Sunstone can help you with:

  1. Abundance! Sunstone is a popular stone to help attract abundance in all things, and it can also be a good luck stone
  2. It can increase vitality and energy levels
  3. Sunstone can aid you in your business when it comes to improving confidence, leadership skills, creativity, and more.
  4. If you find that you are often co-dependent, sunstone can help to soothe your stress and fears and help to become more independent.
  5. It can help those that are scared of the dark or even enclosed places
  6. Sunstone can help to increase your metabolism, digestion, and overall vitality!
  7. Sunstone helps the Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras the most, although it can help with clearing all chakras
  8. If you are looking to increase your feelings of self-worth and to remove negative blocks like limiting self beliefs or subconscious energy blocks when it comes to success, then sunstone is your best crystal to choose!
Sunstone is such a warm, high energy stone!


Angelite has been a personal favorite stone of mine for most of this year.  I tend to pick crystals by instinct, and this one really stood out to me when I first saw it. The soft blue color is just gorgeous, and its energy is very calming.

Angelite got its name because it is a very helpful stone for connecting with your own personal angel guides. It is one of the most popular stones right now since many people are learning more about this connection to angels and the Universe.

Benefits of Angelite:

  • Helps the Throat Chakra by aiding in communicating with others, speaking your truth, and can help you become more assertive
  • Helps the Third Eye and Crown Chakras as well
  • Since it is a very calming and peaceful stone, it helps the wearer to receive downloads from their angels in a calmer way. Angelite can help with deeper meditation and to enhance your own innate intuition
  • Can help to protect your body against negative energies, stress, and anger
  • Can help with support for your thymus, throat, and thyroid
  • Angelite is a stone of tranquility and peace, so it can help you to stay calm and present during times of stress
  • Angelite can help more with the 3 top Chakras (throat, third eye, and crown) when worn as a necklace. As a bracelet or loose stone, it can help more with calming your energy, connecting to your angels, and protecting you against negative energy.
Angelite- the Angel Stone!

Where to Get Crystals and How to Use Them

The BEST place to get crystals would be at a local store that is reputable. It can be hard to find REAL crystals locally though, which is why I decided to start my own crystal shop! Every piece in my shop is hand-picked by myself and researched to make sure that you get the MOST out of your crystal jewelry.

Click here to shop for Sassy Moonchild Crystals!

You can use crystals in many ways:

  • Wear them as jewelry
  • Carry a stone around in your pocket
  • Some can be placed under your pillow at night
  • Keep some near electronics (like shungite, black tourmaline, etc) to help with EMFs. I have 3 shungite pyramids that I keep near our computers and the Wifi router.
  • Or just keep them as decorations around your home
  • Use them to enhance meditation or prayer

Some say that the proper way to use crystals is to set your intention with them. I didn’t do this with them myself and they still seem to work well for me (although now when I get new ones I do set my intention!). But you can do this by first cleansing them (you can sage them, put them in sunlight or moonlight for at least 4 hours, or you can keep it on top of a clear quartz or selenite crystal as these are self cleansing- it’s ideal to cleanse your crystals at least once a month too to help release the energy they’ve absorbed. Most love doing this at the full moon). Once you’ve cleansed them, hold your crystal and think about what you really want- less stress? More money? A better relationship with someone? Check out more ideas on this here.

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The Ancient Protection Stone

Black Tourmaline- The Ancient Protection Stone

Black tourmaline was an incredibly popular stone ever since ancient times. It has gained a lot of popularity again recently because of its amazing ability to clear negative energy and to support grounding, even for those that struggle a lot with these issues. Black tourmaline is one of the most effective stones for tramsuting negative emotions like anxiety and anger- it takes away the bad and purifies it into good energy.

Black Tourmaline Properties

  • AMAZING for support with grounding
  • Root Chakra Healing
  • Can help with anger, anxiety, or other negative emotions
  • One of the best stones for EMF protection as it can block EMFs
  • Since it supports grounding, it can help with supporting more effective detox in the body (once we are more grounded it is easier to heal in general- if you feel like you are having an increase in detox symptoms when using black tourmaline you might need to slowly increase how often you wear it)
  • It can help with blocking negative people in your life like toxic co-workers or people that just keep coming back in your life
  • Perfect for everyone, but especially good for Capricorn sun signs

Shop for black tourmaline here:

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The Energy Purifier Stone

Optical Calcite- The Energy Purifier

Optical or clear calcite is one of the most powerful stones you will find for energy purification. This particular calcite is found in cube form, which makes it even easier for the energy to be concentrated. If you feel stuck at all in your life then optical calcite can help to push you out of your comfort zone so you can move forward with your dreams and desires.

Some say that optical calcite is so powerful that one piece can clear an entire room of negative energy!

I tried to get some good photos where you can see the iridescence! They are truly so gorgeous and have such a great energy about them.

Optical Calcite Properties:

  • supports all chakra by clearing and energizing them
  • supports the third eye chakra by helping with intuition and psychic abilities
  • helps to release self-limiting beliefs and old thought patterns
  • helps the body to release old stagnant energy
  • clears negative energy from the room it is in as well as your physical, emotional, and energetic bodies
  • perfect for use in meditation to access higher consciousness and helps us remember our soul purpose
  • can help with calming the mind
  • supports better discernment and helps us to see the real truth in situations
  • can support the bones, skin, immune system, and even eye issues

Shop for Optical Calcite here:

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One Year Anniversary Sale

Sassy Moonchild Crystals turns one year old today! I can’t believe that it’s been a whole year since I started. I am so grateful to have been able to start this little shop, and that so many have had such great experiences with the crystals they’ve bought.

To celebrate the one year birthday of Sassy Moonchild Crystals, I’m going to do a HUGE sale as a thank you to you all!

Enjoy 25% off ALL items in the shop until 8/16! No code needed either- it’ll be automatically applied at checkout!

Thank you all for your love and support over the last year. This shop has become one of my absolute favorite things in the world, and I hope to continue to grow it over time.

To add to the celebration I’ve added many new items so be sure to check them out:

Check out our BEST SELLERS Here:

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The Endurance Stone

Red Jasper- The Endurance Stone

Red jasper has a rich history of being used by warriors to help with sustaining endurance during battle. This stone is a great supporter for those that need extra energy in any area of their lives. Red jasper can help to give you a boost in your metabolism by supporting the sacral and root chakras, both of which are huge energy centers for vibrant health and boundless energy.

Red jasper is one of the BEST crystals to use if you are lacking physical or mental energy or if you need support with mental focus. If you feel stuck in life, then working on your sacral chakra can help to ignite your passions again.

Red Jasper Healing Properties:

  • supports both the root and sacral chakras
  • can help with grounding
  • supports those that need help with getting unstuck in life
  • brings in positive energy while releasing old, toxic, stagnant energy
  • can help with you becoming your true authentic self instead of being who you think everyone else wants you to be
  • perfect for those that want more physical and mental endurance
  • works best with another grounding stone like shungite for maximum grounding effects
  • works great with carnelian and sunstone for sacral chakra healing
  • makes it easier for you to reach your goals by giving you the strength and determination to work more efficiently
  • supports one’s inner strength
  • great for helping with better dream call and astral travel
  • excellent stone for Scorpio and Libra
  • supports a healthy sexual appetite (can calm those that are overactive and ignites passion for those that are under-active)
  • a great stone for overall protection (for travel, at home, and against EMFs)

Check out our Red Jasper Here:

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Blue Apatite-The Reflection Stone

Blue Apatite-The Reflection Stone

Blue apatite is a truly unique stone with a few very specific properties.  One of these properties is actually helping to suppress an overactive appetite- although this not where the stone’s name came from! From Crystal Vaults: “The name Apatite is derived from a Greek word meaning “to deceive” because the variety of colors and formations in which this stone occurs makes it easy to mistake for other minerals. “

Apatite is a gorgeous blue stone that has a very light, positive energy.

Benefits of Blue Apatite

  • Third Eye Chakra support
  • One of the best stones for helping to find your innate intuition
  • Supports ones growth and healing by allowing us to reflect into ourselves- apatite helps to support better intuition, self-awareness, and overall clarity. It can help with guiding you to your own inner voice and helps to tune out those that are trying to interfere with your own intuition.
  • Brings inner peace and calmness
  • Can help with lucid dreaming and astral travel (if you’re into that stuff! Sleep with it under your pillow and set your intention if this interests you)
  • Can suppress hunger if needed
  • Amazing to use during meditations especially with your own guides
  • Helpful for solving very difficult problems in your life
  • AMAZING manifestation stone!
  • Supports a hunger for knowledge and learning
  • Can help with improving the memory and brain function
  • Great for Gemini, Pisces, and Capricorn

Shop Blue Apatite Here

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The Atlantis Stone

Larimar- The Atlantis Stone

Larimar is a very rare crystal that I fell in love with last year. I was so happy to be able to get some in stock, and these chip bracelets are SO cute! Larimar is know as the Atlantis Stone or the Dolphin stone or the Caribbean Stone (source). Larimar is only found in one place in the entire world- the Domincan Republic! I know that we are all drawn to different crystals, but I personally think larimar is the most beautiful one I have ever seen. It has such a peaceful, soothing energy around it. It’s like the ocean in a stone!

Larimar is one of the BEST stones for those that need to work on heavy trauma healing. If you find that are you just so stuck in your healing journey and can’t figure out why it is usually because there is past trauma that needs to be healed. Larimar helps us to figure out how to express our emotions and it can help us to move past these traumas more quickly and effectively. Larimar helps us to find our inner voice and inner strength.

Larimar Benefits:

  • Supports the Throat Chakra
  • Brings a sense of calm and serenity
  • Enhances intuition
  • Can help with healing from trauma, especially if you have trouble speaking about it and moving on. It’s one of the BEST stones for healing from trauma and getting unstuck from the patterns and defense mechanisms that you’ve picked up because of it.
  • Supports us through stressful times
  • Helps us to speak our truth
  • Just looking at larimar can bring peace, especially if you are a lover of the beach- it carries the power of the ocean within it

Check out our larimar here:

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The Ultimate Heart Healer

Rhodonite- The Ultimate Heart Healer

If we think that rose quartz is a powerful heart healing stone, then wait until you hear about Rhodonite. It’s like rose quartz times a million! It’s considered to be one of the MOST powerful heart chakra crystals and can help with some serious love issues. Rhodonite is special to me because it actually appeared to me in a dream once- I’ve never dreamed about a crystal before so I took it as a sign to buy one and WOW does it work well! Be ready for some big relationship changes if you use rhodonite for healing.

Benefits of Rhodonite:

  • Great for both the heart and root chakras
  • Known as the “Xanax of crystals” because of its calming ability
  • Can help one through traumatic times by keeping them calmer and more emotionally stable
  • Brings you lots of LOVE and helps to heal your relationships that need work
  • Helps you to love YOURSELF (so much more important than you know!)
  • Can help with increasing intuition- when we are in a calm state it is a lot easier to listen to our inner voice
  • Works very well with rose quartz of course, as well as emerald and garnet
  • Supports you while you heal from issues like co-dependency and it helps you find yourself (so many of us loose our sense of self in relationships, especially if we have past trauma- this stone is the best for shifting out of this).

Shop for Rhodonite Here

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The Tiger Stone

Red Tiger Eye

Real Red Tiger Eye is rare, and most is heat-treated tiger eye (so it still has the same properties of regular tiger eye but it looks SO much cooler!). The red hue is VERY deep and gorgeous, and is amazing for supporting the lower 3 chakras: solar plexus, sacral, and root.

Red Tiger Eye Properties:

  • AMAZING for manifestation!
  • Supports a strong mind by keeping you focused and giving you strength
  • Balances and supports all 3 lower chakras
  • Helps with grounding
  • Supports healthy self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Can help with increasing energy, especially for those that lack motivation

Shop Red Tiger Eye Here

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The ULTIMATE Grounding Stone

Hematite- The ULTIMATE Grounding Stone

Hematite is an interesting mineral that has been used for hundreds of thousands of years. Hematite is SO cool that it was even found on Mars!

Hematite Properties:

  • Best for the Root Chakra
  • One of the strongest grounding stones ever
  • Supports a healthy mind and can help with keeping your focus and enhancing your memory
  • Great for use during grounding meditations
  • Can help with dispelling negative energy and protecting from EMFs
  • Excellent for creative people that need to stay focused for long hours on working or hobbies
  • Can help with headaches/migraines (if due to tension)

Shop for Hematite Here

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The Genius Stone

Fluorite- The Genius Stone

Fluorite is one of the most unique crystals because every stone you see looks SO different! Some are blue, some are purple, and most are a mix of the two colors. Fluorite is a gorgeous stone that has a very high vibration (at least in my opinion!). It’s known as the Genius Stone because of its ability to enhance mental capacity.  It is also known as a great stone to make a wish on- the positive energy it will bring to your life will help you to achieve your dreams.

Fluorite benefits:

  • AMAZING for brain health! Fluorite can help with increasing mental clarity, creativity, and it can help to remove brain fog. Once you are thinking more clearly, you are able to focus more on your goals and achieve them easily.
  • Fluorite actually helps all 7 of the physical chakras, but different colors are even stronger for specific chakras (blue fluorite is great for throat chakra, purple for third eye)
  • Helps to clear negative energy from your energy field
  • Works well with rose quartz to increasing heart chakra healing
  • Helps us to live a more carefree, happy life! Make a wish on your fluorite when you set your intention and see your dreams come true!
  • One of the most POWERFUL stones for manifestion
  • Brings inner peace and happiness

Shop Fluorite Here