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The Stone of Strength

Tiger Eye-The Stone of Strength

Tiger eye is a very well known stone that is very popular for good reason- it’s gorgeous! It’s one of the most unique stones that you’ll ever find. Tiger eye is a very high vibrational stone that helps with our first 3 chakras- which makes it great for grounding.  It is also a very fiery stone that brings us strength and willpower.

Tiger Eye Benefits:

  • Supports mental clarity and can help with increasing intelligence and logic as well as creative energy
  • Supports and stimulates the root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras which makes it one of the best stones for grounding, bringing emotional stability, and overall healing
  • Helps to give us energy so we can work more on our desires and dreams
  • Brings us physical and mental energy, and willpower
  • Can help with staying grounded in ones faith
  • Supports hormonal balancing, and can help with the lungs and reproductive organs
  • Works well with Malachite and Quartz, and especially moldavite
  • Great stone for Leo and Capricorn
  • Brings luck and good fortune

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